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Your journey to the new cinematic web engagement that is 360° photography begins here with us.

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Functional and responsive; stop them scrolling past - get them scrolling through - your property, to your business, your destination.

As versatile as your imagination

Creating just-what-you-need that is perfect for your Website. Good to go for your Social Media needs too!

Exceptional Photography

Show them what you've really got. With Hi-Fidelity 360°'s large format panoramas, together we've got all the details covered.

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Skilled Professional photography.Your Project in Good Hands.

With over twenty years of experience in commercial photography, understanding the difference between good and exceptional photography is second nature.

Forward planning 360 virtual tour photography - Orley airport detail

production details covered.From Consultation to 360° Tour Delivery Organised.

The ins and outs of your virtual tour are understood. From first consultation and preparation through to project delivery.

Why choose Us?

best in class Presentation.We have your Hosting and Implementation Covered.

It's not enough to just have great shots. First class presentation is essential to realising the full potential of your tour.

Customer Testimonials

A cinematic experience without the production and time constraints of a video movie.

Customer Testimonials

Stop them scrolling and get them engaging with Virtual Tour Photography

Customer Testimonials

Good photography is pretty, it's nice. Great photography sells!

Ticks all the boxes for 360 photography

Consultation and production

Determining the style and format of the Virtual Tour that is right for your business.

Tick in box 2 professional experience

Professional experience

Over 20 years of commercial photography experience.

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Flexible Outcomes

Internal, B2B, Front Facing, Social Media - Hi-Fidelity 360° have got your needs covered.

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Affordable Excellence

Stunning engaging moving pictures. 360° shows more at a fraction of the cost of pro video production.

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Smart Builders

We will create the right tour for you, from 4k for Google Street View to Cinematic 20k to Blow Them Away.

Street View Trusted Logo

Street View Trusted

Verified Street View Trusted. For Google Business Pages and Street View, we have you covered.

Some Of Our On-Point Projects:

Customs House Brisbane in 360 Panorama

Travel Food Architecture

Brisbane, Australia


Seeing is Believing

Fashion In 360° - Works!

Milan to Sydney - We Are There
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Hi-Fidelity 360° photography consults with you to assist in determining the style and format of the virtual tour that is right for you. Tours can be designed to cover highly detailed areas or 'painted in broad strokes' making the most with the optimum number of well placed shots. Tours can be used privately, for internal marketing; or on a website in place of conventional pictures.


Who can benefit from 360° Panorama Photography? Travel and Tourism, Museums and Art Galleries, Theatres and Entertainment Venues, Hotels and Restaurants, Resorts, Sports and Fitness Clubs, Real Estate and Construction, Industrial Sites, Showrooms and Shopping Malls. Outdoor Destinations Services or business wishing to showcase their offerings 24/7

360° photography is a powerful visual tool and a cost effective way to engage with your audience, customers and clients. It does this by placing the viewer at the centre of the image, immersing them in the scene as if they were there in person. Virtual tour photography allows the viewer to explore the scene on any smart phone or tablet, computer or Smart TV; any screen that is connected to the Internet can be used to present tours including VR Headsets.

  • Unique
  • Creative
  • Eye Catching
  • Beautiful
  • Versatile
  • Scroll-Stopping
  • Engaging
  • Selling
  • Working 24x7

Hi-Fidelity 360° comes to you. Based in Sydney, Australia, ready to travel the world. We have produced 360° panoramas of Italy - Venice, Milan. Australia - Sydney, Brisbane and in the Australian Outback. We bring our expertise and of course, our equipment to you.

Darlinghurst Sydney
NSW, Australia, 2010
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