Virtual Tours are a new 'moving picture' photography for forward thinking business.

What We Do

We take your space - interior, exterior, large or small and showcase it like it's never been seen before.

360° photography is a powerful visual tool and a cost effective way to engage with your audience, customers and clients. It does this by placing the client at the centre of the image immersing them in the scene as if they were there in person. Virtual tour photography allows the client to explore any scene on any smart phone or tablet, computer or Smart TV; any screen that is connected to the internet can be used to present the virtual tour; including VR Headsets for total immersion.

These really are Moving Pictures - Hi-Fidelity 360°'s panorama photography is cinematic yet more cost effective than video production. The connected moving pictures let the viewer create their own timeline, imagining themselves part of the scene; shaping their own story on a tour of engagement and discovery.

Just one Hi-Fidelity 360° panorama can replace a series of traditional pictures or slides while presenting a complete view, ceiling to floor, wall to wall, horizon to horizon. The user is free to choose where to look and for how long, making their own journey through virtual space.

Marketing Magic
Clients can also be guided through your tour spaces remotely by dedicated marketing and sales teams. Tours can be made public or private, embedded in your website publicly; or privately as part of your behind the scenes marketing toolkit. Just share the link and walk them through.

Multi Channel engagement on the most popular media channels through Websites, Social Media, Facebook, VR Headsets, Mobile, and Desktop.

No downloads, apps or special plug-ins are required and this is a significant plus as there are no barriers to client engagement. 360° photographs can now run in any contemporary web browser using the default web standard HTML5, compatible with responsive web design, nothing extra is required. There is no need to worry about users having the right Browser,  FLASH or a Plug-in installed. This new reliability and versatility has seen social media platforms like Facebook embracing moving panorama photography; so you can use your 360° panoramas on Social Media too.

Stop them Scrolling
Hi-Fidelity 360° photography invites the user to slow down, stop and engage with the picture; whether using a mouse or touch pad, a finger moving across a screen; the marketing goal of arresting the attention of your audience had been achieved. With Info Hot-Spots within the panorama they are now just one click away from from your booking screen or sales team. Ask us about this scroll stopping media and how you can use Hi-Fidelity 360° for rapturous applause at your next presentation.

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Dee Why Ocean Pool
Dee Why Ocean Pool
Artist portrait at an Art Exhibition - Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Art Exhibition - Palm House
Australian Bushland Reserve, Seven Hills Brisbane
Australian Bushland Reserve
The Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
The Calyx RBGS
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island
The Fern House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Fern House RBG Sydney
ULURU Northern Territory
ULURU Bush Walk
Lands Office, Bent St Sydney CBD
Bent St Sydney CBD
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Photography Studio, Make-Up Space
Commercial Studio, Make-Up Space
Wine Resort Venissa, Hotel Room Venice
Hotel Room, Mazzorbo Venice
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens public park
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens
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