Process - 360° Virtual Tour Photography

How we work with you to achive superior results. Detail Detail Detail.

One step at a time.

Where you stand is important, where you place the camera even more..

Hi-Fidelity 360° photography consults with your team to assist in planning the type of the virtual tour that is right for you. Tours can be designed to be highly detailed with many shots or 'painted in broad strokes' making the most with the optimum number of well placed pictures. Tours can be used for internal marketing; or on a website in the place of conventional images.

Once a plan is decided on; the tour is created using specialised 360° equipment; panorama head, DSLR camera; stitching and photo editing software. Then the individual scenes are connected. These are the production and post production stages of your virtual tour. Experience in photographing interiors, architecture and landscapes, and an understanding of the details involved in making 360° photographs, along with creative flair, being some of the most important aspects of creating exceptional, high engagement virtual tour pictures.

For the illusion of being-there to be complete, the images should be as flawless as possible. From top to bottom, as if hovering in space; and all the way around.

Who can benefit from 360° Panorama Photography?

Travel and Tourism
Museums and Art Galleries
Theatres and Entertainment Venues
Hotels and Restaurants
Resorts, Sports and Fitness Clubs
Real Estate and Construction
Industrial Sites
Showrooms and Shopping Malls
Outdoor Destinations    
Services or business wishing to showcase their offerings 24/7

A human eye for a human experience. While there is a trend in 360° photography to simply 'map' a room guided by proprietary panorama camera software, Hi-Fidelity 360° relies on over 20 years of commercial photography experience together with client consultation to deliver an exceptional and realistic virtual tour user experience.

Dee Why Ocean Pool
Dee Why Ocean Pool
Artist portrait at an Art Exhibition - Palm House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Art Exhibition - Palm House
Australian Bushland Reserve, Seven Hills Brisbane
Australian Bushland Reserve
The Calyx Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
The Calyx RBGS
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island, Sydney
Dry Dock Cockatoo Island
The Fern House, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney
Fern House RBG Sydney
ULURU Northern Territory
ULURU Bush Walk
Lands Office, Bent St Sydney CBD
Bent St Sydney CBD
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Rialto Bridge, Dawn, Venice
Photography Studio, Make-Up Space
Commercial Studio, Make-Up Space
Wine Resort Venissa, Hotel Room Venice
Hotel Room, Mazzorbo Venice
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens public park
Urban Architecture in 360, Paddington Gardens
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